Weekend Progress

Four days after the start of work, it’s looking great:

(top image: the first day. bottom: this past saturday)

We picked up ceiling fans and a few lighting fixtures on Saturday. Our Friday night at Home Depot was a bust; the first store we went to had very limited options and even the options they did have were missing their additional parts. Store Note: If you have parts listed on your shelves, they should exist somewhere in the store.

Luckily, the location at Diversey and Halsted had what we wanted.

The walls and ceiling are almost completely done with the drywall work. The brick we left exposed will need some rehab, repointing, et cetera. Soon all that will be left is baseboard installation… and a coat of paint. Of course, the item on everyone’s minds right now is the floor.

Under the carpet was vinyl composition tile. Under that tile was ANOTHER layer of vinyl tile, then some adhesive, then the original hardwood (maple). It’s impossible to tell the color and shape of the floor right now, but soon it’ll get a cleaning and sanding and we’ll see what needs to be done.

The bathroom floor, on the other hand, we know about:

Yikes! The previous tenants had installed a dubious shower in the bathroom, and our guess is that they didn’t protect the floor properly. All of the old fixtures have been removed, and the damaged floor will be pulled up, replaced with plywood, subfloor, and tile. It’s really the only damaged area of the space, thankfully.

More to come!


One Response to “Weekend Progress”

  1. kim Says:

    The place looks really cool. Wish we were closer…i’d love to help paint!! Can’t wait to see it completed…and shop!!!

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