White Box

The walls are finished, a fresh coat of paint added today. The exposed brick has been repointed and looks amazing. Tomorrow the floors get a rough sanding, and by friday they’ll be finished as well. If all goes as planned, we’ll be able to officially start moving in next week.

The frighteningly dark nook is now our favorite part of the space. Our first thought is that this may end up being a sort of photo booth where we can take product photography. But until we do some solid planning, it’s all academic.

By tomorrow, we’ll have the floor plan finished and layout strategies can begin.


3 Responses to “White Box”

  1. Kirstie Says:

    WOW I can’t believe how quickly everything is coming together. I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to see the finished space. I imagine for you it’s not going fast enough but I am amazed seeing the lightening fast progress when I check in. You have a great team working for you! Thank you for sharing your progress, it’s so fun to follow. I admit to having some studio envy. 😉

  2. emily Says:

    🙂 It’s funny you should say something about it ‘not going fast enough for us’ – in reality, everything that’s shown on the blog up to this point has happened in less than 2 weeks… we kinda feel like it’s lightening fast, too!

    Just wait ’til you see the pics I’m gonna put up tomorrow – they’ll include finished floors!!!

  3. Kirstie Says:

    OHHHHHHHHH floors…. I can’t wait to see what you chose! It’s all so exciting to watch. It must be incredible to see it all happen in person.

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