Old + New

Here you can see our current studio layout (above) and the new shop layout. It looks like the square footage is just about the same, with the scale tipping ever so slightly in favor of the new space. Now we can finally do some space planning.

We’ve already got all of our existing furniture measured and placed in the old studio layout file, so it’s going to be easy to start grabbing those rectangles and fitting them into the new box.


3 Responses to “Old + New”

  1. Jeff LaSala Says:

    Looks good. Excellent layout. But for security, I think you should consider making some modifications. Probably expensive, but over time, it’ll pay for itself. See here:


  2. emily Says:

    Actually… there IS a trap door in the space… not exactly where you’ve got it though 😉

  3. John Hanauer Says:

    What is this … a studio for ANTS???!!! It’d have to be at least … THREE times bigger than this!

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