This morning we took a look at the progress on the floors. We didn’t expect much else to be done over the last few days, as the sanding and polishing takes some time. The floors look awesome:

We were hoping that there would be a worn look to them without them being damaged or dangerous, and that’s definitely what we’ve got. Beautifully used original hardwood.

What was the biggest surprise was that even more had been done. The rather ratty radiators have been painted and positioned properly:

And baseboards have been put on the walls. The next (and possibly last) major renovation item is the installation of the ceiling lights/fans:

Or we could just go with the vacant building look, right? 🙂

Our decision to leave the brick exposed on the one small wall was definitely the right one. It alleviates the feeling of the space being just a white box, and adds some interest and texture to what is in essence a completely new space.

It’s amazing how much work has been done in 13 days. We are finding it hard to believe that this space was an oppressive, dingy, cat-pee-carpet environment a mere fortnight past.


5 Responses to “Upgrayedd”

  1. kim Says:

    Looks so good. Will there be a shop cat…or two? Can’t wait to shop there.

  2. Jess Says:

    Did you polish the floors w/polyurethane or are you using a wax product? They have a lovely sheen that isn’t super glossy, and that looks wonderfully worn! How exciting to see the progress!

  3. Kirstie Says:

    WOW the floors are GORGEOUS!!!! Total score! Especially after seeing the bathroom floor you got lucky. What a hidden gem. Just beautiful. I LOVE the look of the radiators as well. Incredible space in record time.

  4. marykatemcdevitt Says:

    The building looks beautiful and those floors are gorgeous! It is really coming together!

  5. emily Says:

    Jess :: the floors were buffed out and finished with two coats of matte-finish polyurethane (rather than going super hi-gloss) – I’m really happy about how it came out!!!

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