Storage Wall

Next to our very cumbersome steel flat file (shown at the bottom right of the pic below), our biggest dilemma in moving to the new space was dealing with our four EXPEDIT shelving units.

In the old space, these were used for storage, as well as room dividers, but with half the space in the shop needing to be dedicated to our retail display, there was really nowhere else to go but up:


4 Responses to “Storage Wall”

  1. kim Says:

    Love the floor to ceiling shelves. Maybe a library ladder to help you reach the top?

  2. emily Says:

    We’re looking at this ladder since it can be picked up and moved to any place on the wall. We’ll need that since we’re planning on placing a desk at one end (which would block a rolling ladder)…

    We will, of course, have pics of the ladder once it’s up!

  3. kim Says:

    Nice looking ladder. If you had a library ladder you would never get Chip off of it..he loves to frequent bbok stores and wine shops that have them.

  4. Laura_theSCOOP Says:

    That looks awesome and really makes the space appear bigger – bonus!

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