The World According To GORM

Last time we talked about our checkout counter, and how one of the remaining items was installing the white acrylic facing for the sides and front. Well.. that didn’t work out like we had planned

Our counters are 30″ high, with 8″ legs. When we ordered the facing, we were getting two side panels, 24×30, and one back panel, 96×30. Unfortunately, when we started installing said panels, we found that the large one was actually 96×36. This would not work.

We called IKEA and they informed us that the 96-inch-long panel ONLY comes in a 36-inch height. Our receipt specifically didn’t mention that dimension, conveniently. So… they don’t sell smaller panels, they don’t cut panels down, and they produce these panels in a material that should never be cut by a consumer. We’re fans of IKEA, but this is the dumbest thing we’ve ever heard.

We returned all of the white panels. This saved us about $150 on our counter set up, but left us without a finished counter. Some brainstorming was needed.

Before we had initially settled on the IKEA kitchen materials for our counter, we had entertained the notion of building the entire thing out of our old GORM fixtures.

This is GORM, also from IKEA. It’s a simple shelving system that is very versatile. We used it in our old space to store envelopes, ovestock, and shipping supplies. We aren’t using it in the new space, but we had kept all the panels. Just in case.

We had a ton of these, and magically they are exactly the right height! So, we started thinking about how they could become the face of our countertop.

They would work nicely, but the counter still needed a bit of boldness…

OrangeBeautiful loves paper, so what better material to be the backing for our new counter faces?

The GORM shelves come in two sizes, and the smaller size fit perfectly onto the cabinet side.

We affixed each panel by screwing through the counter’s pressboard from inside the cabinet and a plate support to the bottom.

All finished! Well… almost. The spaces between the slats called for something more…

In the end, IKEA’s blunder in designing panels for their own kitchen system was our gain! We were able to create something that re-used our old shelving and is unique to our space.


2 Responses to “The World According To GORM”

  1. erachel Says:

    That’s probably the greatest Ikea-hack I’ve EVER seen!!! Well done, girl. You’re shop is going to be amazing!

  2. ideas you should steal » client sneak peek! Says:

    […] ikea cabinetry acts as a floating counter.  and the wood slats?  pieces from an old shelving unit.  read more about that serendipitous event here. […]

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