All Quiet

The floors are done. The lighting is installed. There are only a few more small things to do before the space is 100% ready for us to start moving in.

Right now we’re able to go into the space and really start seeing it as the future store. Picturing where the checkout counter will be is so much easier when there’s not a 10-foot-high scaffold in the middle of the space.

The bathroom is almost ready, with only a vanity to install before that’s done. New glass block has been put in where an old window used to be.

There is a window way up at the top of one of the walls, where the previous tenant had an air conditioning unit installed. We aren’t really AC types, but then again we have no idea how hot this space might get in the summer. So for now, we’ll clean it up, leave it in, and do something fun in the window right next to it.


3 Responses to “All Quiet”

  1. Jeff LaSala Says:

    It just keeps getting shinier! And bigger, somehow. The glass block looks very cool,

  2. Kirstie Says:

    Serious studio/shoppe envy happening here. WOWSA!!! It’s perfection.

  3. Andrea Says:

    can’t wait to check out the finished space!

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